What Do Prince William Democrats Stand For?

The Republican Party of Virginia responds to ridiculous claims from Prince William County Democrats.

Richmond, VA – On March 30, 2018, the Chairman of the Prince William County Democratic Committee released the following statement regarding the Republican Party of Virginia’s #Extreme15 campaign. The original tweet can be found here.

In typical fashion, the PWC Democrat Committee has retreated to accusing the RPV of personal attacks rather than policy critiques. In response to that claim, the RPV asks the PWC Democrats and the Democrat Party of Virginia to answer the following five policy questions, each relating to actual legislation supported by the five Prince William area Delegates in question:

  1. Do you agree that illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain driver’s licenses?
  2. Should illegal immigrants be eligible for in-state tuition, necessarily putting legal, Virginia citizens at a disadvantage?
  3. Virginia citizens have some of the highest health insurance premiums in the country. Should they be forced to subsidize sex-change surgeries?
  4. One of your Delegates is a proud socialist. Do you think that employees should be able to double-dip on worker’s compensation claims?
  5. Should businesses be forced to rewrite all of their employees’ contracts to comply with burdensome red tape regulations?

These are very simple yes or no questions that the PWC Democrats and the DPVA should be able to answer easily.

“The party of Jim Crow and segregation is attacking Republicans for being racist and sexist,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “We have always been open to having substantive policy debates. But as we all know, talking to extremists in the Democrat party usually ends in name calling and hyperbole like we have seen from the Prince William Democrats. If Democrats want to have a substantive policy debate, then they should have the courage to answer the questions posed. The #Extreme15 is obligated to defend their record, and our pointing out their extremist policies is in no way a personal attack. The RPV is simply letting the people of Virginia know how extreme the 15 Democrat freshman Delegates are in preparation for the 2019 election cycle.”