Questions Ralph Northam has yet to answer

It appears that (at least in Ralph Northam’s mind) enough time has passed since his blackface scandal that he can show his face in public again. He, along with other Democrat elected officials, has made several public political appearances recently, though some have been shrouded in mystery.

If you are lucky enough for the Governor’s staff to inform you of his public appearances, consider asking him the following:

  • What happened to the investigation into who was in the yearbook photo?
  • How did the facial recognition technology work for him?
  • Has he found out who is “actually” in the photo?
  • Has the Governor learned how the photo got on his page?
  • Have his Democrat colleagues already forgiven and forgotten since they seem to be willing to schedule and appear at events with him?
  • Since he’s been assigned to read The Case for Reparations, where does he stand on reparations?

And for members of the General Assembly:

  • Does their call for the Governor’s resignation stand?
  • What makes Northam’s blackface different from Herring’s?

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