Ralph Northam Continues War on Coal

Governor Northam puts billionaire out-of-state donors’ interests over livelihood of Southwest Virginia.

Richmond, VA – Governor Northam announced that Virginia will keep onerous coal ash regulations in place despite being given a golden opportunity to roll them back by the EPA.

According to the EPA, rolling back the Obama-era coal ash regulations would save utilities $100 million nationwide. Unfortunately, Governor Northam’s office released a statement saying the state Department of Environmental Quality would keep the current federal rules in place even if there is a national rollback.

“When given a choice between lowering Virginians’ electric bills AND helping Southwest Virginia’s livelihood OR following the wishes of his liberal out-of-state campaign donors, Ralph followed the money,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “Sadly, it is not surprising, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer spent millions to get their guy elected and now he is going to do their bidding, even if it hurts Virginia citizens.”

Steyer and Bloomberg’s organizations were both in the top five donors for Northam’s gubernatorial campaign. The original article can be found here.