Ralph Northam Endorses Wexton for Congress, Pelosi, Warren Likely to Follow

Governor Ralph Northam takes sides in contested primary, backs establishment Democrat Jennifer Wexton
Richmond, VA – On Thursday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam endorsed Democrat state Senator Jennifer Wexton in the race for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Northam’s endorsement comes during a contested primary in which eight candidates are vying for the Democrat nomination. Wexton, while lagging behind the pack in regards to fundraising, is the only elected official of the group.
Wexton has also received endorsements from the likes of Rep. Gerry Connolly (VA – 11) and Rep. Donald McEachin (VA – 04); both of whom notably voted againt the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Wexton has railed against this legislation as well, despite over 4,000,000 Americans receiving bonuses and 80,000,000 Americans seeing lower utility bills as a direct result of the tax bill.
“We saw this endorsement coming a mile away,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “It is only a matter of time before people like Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren come crawling out of the woodwork and endorse Wexton as well. Democrats love a rigged nomination process, and it looks like we’ll have a front row seat for one right here in Virginia.”
“On the other hand,” concluded Whitbeck, “Congresswoman Comstock has done an incredible job representing the people of Virginia’s 10th, and I know she will continue to excel after her reelection.”