Ralph Northam Gas-Lights Virginia Women

Today, Governor Ralph Northam held a press conference to address the monumental disaster that was the Democrats’ week. Northam was quick to blame Republicans for all of his troubles, but there were several things that Governor Northam neglected to address:

  • Northam didn’t talk about the horrendous interview he did yesterday, but rather went out of his way to say that it was the fault of Republicans that his unedited, on-camera words were interpreted the way they were.
  • Northam didn’t talk about his support for a bill that would allow for literally last-second abortions. Instead, Northam dodged the questions, and told Virginia women that they did not hear the unedited words that came directly out of his mouth.

“Governor Northam’s press conference was a disaster,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “He only took three questions and still dodged every single one of them. Ralph Northam needs to own up to his abhorrent comments and stop gas-lighting the women of Virginia.”

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