Ralph Northam’s ‘Tax Plan’ Still Does Not Exist

– In Television Interview, Northam Fails To Provide Any Details To His Mystery Tax Plan –

In an interview today with WTKR, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam was again at a loss for details when trying to explain his tax plan and what he would change about Virginia’s tax code:

SMITH: Does Virginia’s tax code need to be reformed? What would you change about it?

RALPH NORTHAM: Absolutely. I’m a business owner right here in Hampton Roads. I’m part of Children’s Specialty Group. We need a tax code that is simpler, that is fairer, that is fiscally responsible and that protects our AAA bond rating. So, yes. And I plan to put a commission together, bring people from both sides of the aisle that can agree on that. It will be good for business and that’s what we are all about here in Virginia. We want to be the best state in the country in which to do business. So I plan to do that and have something again that there is bipartisan agreement and then the governor can sign that into law. (WTKR, 10/16/17)

This is just the latest episode in the series of the Lieutenant Governor’s non-existent tax plan. Earlier this month, The Washington Post noted that Northam was running an ad encouraging Virginians to go look at his tax plan, despite not actually having one.

“Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam released an ad calling on viewers to go online to compare his plan for economic growth, including bipartisan tax reform… But there is no detailed tax plan on Northam’s campaign website…What’s more, Northam’s campaign said in April it would release a set of ‘guiding principles’ on tax reform within a week. It never did, and a reference to that promise to voters was removed from the campaign’s website – until a reporter pointed it out.” (The Washington Post, 9/15/17)

Northam now needs to answer the following question: Will he update his website with a tax plan before November 7th?