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Republican Party of Virginia Announces New Location, Slogan for 2020 Convention

Richmond, VA – Today, the Republican Party of Virginia announced that it is officially changing the location of its Quadrennial State Convention to the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The Convention Center is best equipped with the facilities, ease of access for the President and/or his surrogates and attendees, and proximity to the Capitol necessary for a successful event.

National change starts at the local level. Just a few short weeks ago, over 20,000 Virginians traveled to Richmond to advocate for their Second Amendment rights, and showed the entire Commonwealth of Virginia that Second Amendment supporters are united on this critical issue. Bringing the RPV Convention back to Richmond sends the message to the rest of the nation that Virginia will not be forgotten, will not be placed into a ‘safe blue’ column, and it will fight harder than any other state to keep President Trump in the White House four more years.

“To make a difference on the national stage, we must start at the same place as the largest grassroots movement in recent memory,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Many Virginians’ first foray into politics was the Second Amendment rally earlier this year. That’s why our 2020 Convention slogan is ‘Join the Fight, Stay in the Fight.’ The Democrat Party agenda for 2020 is to overturn the results of the 2016 election by removing President Trump from office, repealing the Second Amendment if given the chance, and implementing socialism at the federal and state levels. Virginia has been the birthplace of Liberty since the start of our nation, and Democrats would be fools to think we’ll roll over and let them take out President Trump and the Second Amendment. Virginia knows it, Richmond knows it, and come November, the whole world will know it.”