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Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Joe Biden’s “Fantasy Land” State of the Union Address

Richmond, Virginia – February 7, 2023


Tonight, Joe Biden once again showed the American people why he is unfit to lead and why voters elected a Republican House majority last November.


President Biden continues to live in a fantasy land, ignoring the real problems plaguing everyday Americans and denying his role in creating the many crises our country now faces. From record-high inflation to the ongoing humanitarian and national security catastrophe at the southern border, the president and congressional Democrats appear content to claim ignorance or double down on the same failed policies.


The state of our Union is indeed strong, but it is strong because of the ordinary men and women who work tirelessly every day to uphold the promise of our great nation. It is strong despite the disastrous liberal policies that have hampered our country’s growth and prosperity for the last two years.


President Biden and the rest of the country need only look across the Potomac to see how common-sense conservative governance delivers historic results for families and businesses. Under the leadership of Governor Youngkin and Virginia Republicans, our Commonwealth is beginning to thrive once again, attracting record numbers of jobs and investment while restoring excellence to our schools and protecting our sacred rights and liberties.


Nonetheless, tonight was another reminder that we must work hard every day over the next two years to fire Joe Biden in 2024 and send a Republican Senate majority to Washington to work with the Republican House and get our country back on track.