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Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Virginia Democrats’ Joe Biden Meltdown


July 8, 2024

Media contact: Ken Nunnenkamp

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Republican Party of Virginia Statement on Virginia Democrats’ Joe Biden Meltdown

Richmond, Virginia – Following Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, far-left Virginia Democrats are now pretending to be shocked at something that has been plain to see since 2019 – Biden is in a serious state of cognitive decline and is wholly unfit to be the most powerful elected official in the world.

First Senator Mark Warner tried to schedule a secret meeting of Democrat senators to call on Biden to drop out of the race. But when his scheme was leaked to the media, he immediately canceled the meeting.

In 2020, Senator Warner called Joe Biden the “best person to unite our country” and said he would be “on his team, fighting right alongside him as he does.” But now that the truth about Biden is too obvious to deny any longer, Senator Warner is trying to save his own reputation and protect his buddy Tim Kaine from defeat.

Radical Democrat Don Beyer also apparently can’t decide what he thinks of Joe Biden. While publicly professing to support the president, multiple first-hand reports have suggested that, in private, Rep. Beyer believes Biden should step down, calling him “very, very fragile.”

Virginia Democrats’ Joe Biden meltdown comes as multiple polls have now shown Virginia squarely in play for former President Donald Trump this fall.

But try as they might to save their own skin, Virginians and the American people will not forget that Senator Warner, Rep. Beyer, and their Democrat allies have spent the past four years covering up the truth about Joe Biden’s health, all while voting in lockstep with every one of his extremist policies.

Voters will also not forget that even now Democrats do not have the courage to say publicly what it is clear they privately believe. This gross moral cowardice is an indictment on all of their leadership, and they will have to answer for it at the ballot box this November.