Republican Party of Virginia Touts February Jobs Report

RPV highlights the more than 313,000 new jobs created in February, 2018.

Richmond, VA – Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the February jobs report, revealing that the United States added at least 313,000 new jobs. This number outperformed estimates made by many economists, and is the biggest since July, 2016. It marks 89 straight months of positive jobs numbers as well.

This stellar jobs report comes on the heels of thousands of stories about the positive impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Employers are finally able to expand and hire thanks to sweeping tax reform. The economy of the United States has performed well beyond expectations and has grown exponentially since President Trump signed tax reform into law. It is becoming more and more difficult to call for the repeal of this law, but many Democrats continue to campaign on exactly that.

All Republican members of the Virginia delegation supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, in stark contrast to the Democrat members. Not one Virginia Democrat, House or Senate, voted in favor of a policy that immediately impacted the economy in a positive way.

“We were very excited to see the numbers in the February jobs report,” said Virginia GOP Chairman John Whitbeck. “They reflect the stellar leadership and business mindset of President Trump. The voting public is beginning to realize that more jobs, bigger paychecks, and better benefits are real, tangible results of tax cuts and conservative economic policies. People will remember that, despite opposition from every single Democrat in Congress, Republicans were able to put more money in the pocket of every American. It will be interesting to see if any Democrats will come around and accept that President Trump and our Republican representatives are doing a stellar job.”