RPV Calls on Spanberger to Withdraw

CNN catches Abigail Spanberger lying to press and public.

Richmond, VA – Previously, the Republican Party of Virginia covered Abigail Spanberger’s desperate attempts to hide her past from the voters of the Seventh District. Specifically, she tried to cover up her tenure at the controversial Islamic Saudi Academy. The school was known as “Terror High” due to multiple graduates being convicted on terrorism charges and reports of fundamentalist text books being distributed to students.

As part of her failed cover-up attempt, Spanberger claimed that her campaign tried to FOIA her own background information from the United States Postal Service. Today, a CNN report revealed there is no record of the FOIA. Spanberger even went so far as to have a campaign worker sign an affidavit claiming to have sent the nonexistent FOIA on her behalf.

Just how far will she go to try and hide her past from her voters?

“Several weeks ago the Republican Party of Virginia said that Abigail Spanberger would do anything to hide her record from the voters,” said RPV Executive Director John Findlay. “We never imagined that would include manufacturing a fraudulent affidavit to deceive the press and the public. Simply put, Abigail Spanberger is a fraud. She should withdraw immediately.”

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