RPV Condemns Bigoted Remarks By Tom Perriello


Over the past weekend former Democrat congressman and former gubernatorial candidate, Tom Perriello, made several disturbing statements directed toward Evangelical Christians in general and Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, specifically. The statements are reproduced below:

It is never acceptable to slander and smear a religious group. We demand that Tom Perriello immediately apologize to Jerry Falwell Jr. and Evangelical Christians. In addition, we encourage Governor Terry McAuliffe, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring, and both of Virginia’s US Senators to

unequivocally denounce Tom Perriello’s statements and call them what they are: bigotry.

If similar words were used by members of any political party against members of any other faith group – such as Catholics or Muslims – such denunciations would have already happened. There is no reason that Democrat leaders should falter now in their moral obligation to defend ALL of Virginia’s religions and religious leaders – regardless of their political affiliation.

Virginia Republicans are already speaking out:

“At a time when the nation and our Commonwealth needs adult, serious and thoughtful leadership, Tom Perriello once again proves he has none. Tom’s wholesale attack on Christians is just the latest indication that he is not prepared for leadership and he will say anything to stoke his ultra-left base. He should be denounced by all Christians and non-Christians alike for his hate filled comments. Christians are loving and peaceful people and this wholesale attack on them should never be forgotten.” – Senator Steve Newman, Virginia President Pro Temp

“As a graduate of Liberty University and past constituent of the one-term Congressman, I found the recently published comments by Tom Perriello to be outrageous. Not only do his statements defame Jerry Falwell, they insult Evangelical Christians and many of the Southside Virginians he represented in Washington. While illustrative of the angry far left, this discourse is beneath the dignity of Virginians from any party who should reject such efforts to further divide our country.” – Delegate Les Adams, 16th House District
“Tom Perriello’s unprovoked attacks on the faith of millions of Virginians is truly beyond common decency. If he has any fiber of human decency left, Mr. Perriello will unequivocally apologize. I urge our statewide elected officials to join our call to condemn these anti-Christian comments.” – Delegate Terry Kilgore, 1st House District
“Implying that a leader like Jerry Falwell, Jr. is under the control of Satan is disgusting and repugnant. Jerry Falwell Jr. is a caring and compassionate father and husband, whose stewardship of Liberty has strengthened its status as an innovative, world-class institution of higher learning. His leadership has opened the doors of education to hundreds of thousands of Christians across the country. It is shameful that Tom Perriello slandered Jerry in such gross terms. The silence by Democrat leaders regarding this incident – and Mr. Periello’s failure to apologize – speaks volumes about their views on evangelical christians and people of faith.” – Delegate Kathy Byron, 22nd House District