RPV Condemns Disgusting Henrico Democrats

With their leadership embroiled in scandal, the Henrico Democrats, with nothing left to lose, embrace divisive gutter politics in latest smear.

Richmond, VA – On Friday, March 15, fifty people lost their lives and another fifty were wounded in a vile terrorist attack in New Zealand that affected the entire planet. Fifty people were ripped from their families in a bigoted, hate-filled, senseless attack.

Leave it to the Democrats to fundraise off of an international tragedy.

In a recent Richmond-Times article, the Chair of the Henrico Democrats doubled down on their claim that, because Speaker Cox’s hands were in a certain position, he must be a white nationalist and somehow related to the New Zealand terrorist. The DPVA & House Caucus spokesmen were real profiles in courage (sarcasm intended) and declined to comment, refusing to condemn incredibly dangerous gutter politics.

From the Daily Caller:

“According to Democrats, anyone who disagrees with their radical socialist agenda is a White Nationalist,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “The Republican Party of Virginia vehemently condemns the actions of the Henrico Democrats and calls for all area legislators to do the same. That means you Schuyler VanValkenburg, Debra Rodman, and Lamont Bagby.”

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