RPV Dares Dems to Appear with Northam, Herring

Democrats have begun to walk back their calls for Ralph Northam’s resignation. Notably, potential presidential candidate Terry McAuliffe and Senator Mark Warner have given Northam a chance to come back from his embarrassing blackface scandal.

If Ralph Northam or Mark Herring are to regain the faith of the people of Virginia as Warner and McAuliffe say they should have a right to, then they should help them with that process by making public appearances with the Governor & Attorney General before the 2020 election.

It would truly be the height of hypocrisy to advocate for Virginia’s resident racists and not try to publicly rehabilitate their images.

“Democrats have already exposed their hypocrisy by not calling for Herring’s resignation,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Will they expose it again by not campaigning with Ralph Northam, even though they think he deserves a second chance?”

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