RPV Debuting Spanberger Edition Tin-Foil Hat

In response to Abigail Spanberger’s repeated crazy conspiracy theories, the Republican Party of Virginia is launching a new line of headgear.

Richmond, VA – The Republican Party of Virginia is selling limited-time only Abigail Spanberger inspired tin-foil hats.

Previously Abigail Spanberger has asserted, “without evidence,” that the Congressional Leadership Fund engaged a foreign intelligence service to illegally acquire records related to her prior work. Yesterday, after the U.S. Postal Service formally revealed the obvious, her records were released in response to a legal FOIA request not Russian hacking, Spanberger’s campaign released a statement questioning the “official” (aka actual) explanation for how her work records were released.

Since Spanberger is obviously a huge fan of conspiracy theories, these tin foil hats bear her image. The brim of the hat reads “The Truth Is Out There” and the back features a list of potential suspects that might have released her employment information. While CLF, Russia, and China are currently ruled out (for now), the Postal Service has a question mark next to it as, according to Abigail, there is chance this all could be a massive conspiracy that dwarfs even Watergate.

As of right now, the hat is going for $2,500. There will only be one hat made available at that price. Spanberger will very likely be the target of an extraordinary rendition by the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee at any moment. Her programming has clearly broken down and strayed from the DCCC’s preferred narrative. Buy the hat now before “conspiracy” Abigail is replaced by “talking points” Abigail.