RPV Demands Filler-Corn & Caucus Publicly Disavow Ibraheem Samirah

The Republican Party of Virginia demands that Eileen Filler-Corn and the House Democratic Caucus withdraw their support for the anti-Semitic Democrat Ibraheem Samirah.

It was revealed that Samirah has a history of posting virulently anti-Semitic propaganda on his Facebook page to include calling Israel worse than the KKK and questioning the significance of the Holocaust simply because his family did not live nearby. Jay Ipson, Holocaust survivor and co-founder of the Virginia Holocaust Museum had this to say in reaction to Samirah’s posts: “His positions are anti-Semitic. None of what he is talking about is accurate.”

If his Facebook posts were not bad enough, two of Samirah’s donors are named in an Israeli government report for Hamas financing.

While State Senator Jennifer Boysko has already withdrawn her endorsement, Eileen Filler-Corn and the House Democrats have continued to support Samirah by making $19,277 worth of in-kind contributions to his campaign.

“The Republican Party of Virginia demands that Delegate Filler-Corn and the rest of her caucus withdraw their support for Ibraheem Samirah,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Anti-Semitic bigotry does not belong in the Virginia General Assembly.”

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