RPV Highlights Northern Virginia Republican Candidates for Congress

Jeff Dove and Thomas Oh are two veteran, minority Republicans running for Congress in Virginia’s 11th and 8th Districts.

Richmond, VA – Lost in the heated political rhetoric of today are the Republicans of the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Thomas Oh and Jeff Dove, running in Virginia’s Eighth and Eleventh Districts respectively, are two candidates that have served their country on the battlefield, and now hope to serve it in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Jeff Dove –

“I am honored to serve as the Republican nominee for Congress in the 11th CD. My nomination underlines the fact that in spite of divisive rhetoric from my opponent and the Democrats, the Republican party is a diverse and thriving community. When I served in the US Army, it wasn’t to fight for only Republicans, Democrats or Independents – I fought to protect all Americans and will take that mindset with me into Washington to best serve the people of VA-11 and all Americans.”

Thomas Oh –

“My name is Thomas Oh, and I am a recently transitioned Army Veteran in need of your support for United States Congress in Virginia’s 8th District. I am a proud Korean American and my parents immigrated to the United States to seek opportunity, liberty, and freedom.

I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic. I fight to preserve the Constitution that allowed the same opportunities that my family was given when they immigrated to this great nation. This oath does not put the President. any office, political party, or corporate interest above the Constitution.

If you want someone to preserve the Constitution that the founding fathers created, so that we can enjoy the life and opportunities that my family and I was blessed with, I ask you to join my fight to change Congress. Let us finally put the people before politics!”

John Whitbeck, RPV Chairman –

“It’s a shame that all of our Republicans don’t get the national attention that the Virginia Democrats do. These guys are two of the best defenders of liberty that I know, and would be miles better than either Don Beyer or Gerry Connolly.”