RPV Predicts Results of GOP U.S. Senate Primary

Tim Kaine expected to launch baseless, unfounded attacks at GOP U.S Senate nominee.

Richmond, VA – As the polls close tonight, one thing is certain: Tim Kaine, aka Senator Shutdown, will attack our nominee with baseless accusations.

Senator Shutdown will attack our nominee because he still refuses to explain why he went back on his word and voted to shut down our government. Tim Kaine has yet to answer for putting the comfort of illegal immigrants over the well-being of Virginia families. We wait for his justification of leaving our men and women in uniform and CHIP recipients out to dry. Senator Shutdown will predictably attack our nominee because he does not want to talk about his horrid, failed leadership over the last six years.

Tim Kaine will undoubtedly try to shut down any debate by throwing ad hominem attacks at our nominee. Here is what Senator Shutdown has (or hasn’t) done over the last six years:

  • He flip-flopped on his condemnation of Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. Interesting that something Kaine so vehemently denounced 14 years ago all of a sudden did not deserve “re-litigation” after he was picked to run as Hillary Clinton’s VP.
  • He left Virginia behind to run for VP. It was Hillary’s turn to be President, so naturally Senator Shutdown did not feel the need to represent his constituents and instead campaigned across the country defending the indefensible as Crooked Hillary’s running mate.
  • Calling the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “highway robbery,” Tim Kaine knowingly voted against tax relief for small businesses and middle-class Americans. Senator Shutdown is nothing more than your run-of-the-mill tax & spend liberal.
  • In honor of his namesake, Senator Shutdown voted to shut down the federal government in a feeble attempt to #resist President Trump and the American people. Kaine’s vote prioritized illegal immigrants over our military, our CHIP recipients, and the many Virginia families that rely on paychecks from government jobs.
  • Kaine flip-flopped on a litany of issues to secure Hillary’s VP nomination, ranging from offshore drilling to the Second Amendment to taxpayer-funded abortion. (There are many, many more, but we just don’t have the room.)

“Senator Kaine spends more time whining about Crooked Hillary’s big loss than actually representing Virginia in the U.S. Senate,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “It’s about time that Virginia had a Senator that looked out for the interests of the Commonwealth over the interests of his California or Massachusetts donors. Tim Kaine will come after our nominee with an endless stream of fake news, but I would expect no less from someone with as many skeletons in his closet as he has.”