RPV Statement on Kavanaugh Confirmation

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jack Wilson released the following statement after Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation:

“The Republican Party of Virginia is elated that Judge Brett Kavanaugh has finally been confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States. We’re proud of his persistence and courage in the face of attempted character assassination by the Democrats. Kavanaugh will make an excellent Justice.”


“Unsurprisingly, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner put the agendas of their party bosses before the best interests of Virginians. From day one, Democrats promised resistance and obstruction, offering no substantive solutions or compromises. It is my sincerest hope that the people of Virginia see through the charade that is the modern left and elect common-sense Republicans in November.”

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  1. Trump is doing everything he said he was going to do. He doesn’t back down. I am glad that Kavanaugh is confirmed. That man and his family were treated horribly. Can you imagine what we would be going through now if lying Hillary had gotten president?? The Dems are really showing themselves!

  2. God chose him for such a time as this! May God bless him and his family !
    President Trump is continuously working to drain the swamp and I’m grateful for his transparency and desire to MAGA

  3. Am so happy for you. They really put you through it but you are a very strong person and we know you are the best for the job. God Bless You and your family on your new job.

  4. Tim Kane has delivered you a gift. By his vote against Kavenaugh he has shown himself to be a Dianne Feinstein lackey. By not distancing himself from the deplorable smear attempts, he is as dirty as any of them. This is NOT the wholesome good guy he pretends to be. The Republicans should point this out in ads.. Virginians do not deserve a Feinstein stooge as Senator.

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