RPV Statement Regarding Northam Yearbook Investigation

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jack Wilson issued the following statement in response to the findings of the investigation into Ralph Northam’s page in the Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook:

“The Republican Party of Virginia’s call for Ralph Northam’s resignation is unwavering. Ralph Northam admitted to wearing blackface and embarrassed our Commonwealth on an international scale. Only one person has confessed to being in the racist photograph, and that person is Ralph Northam.

“While the Governor has been professing ignorance as to the origin of the photograph or its inclusion in his yearbook entry, his subsequent actions – including his reversal on a 60-day mandatory minimum sentence for abusers convicted of domestic violence – suggest a guilty conscience.

“Ralph Northam does not represent Virginia. Virginia will not tolerate racism. Virginia will not tolerate another day of Ralph Northam’s so-called leadership. For the good of the Commonwealth, Ralph Northam needs to resign today.”

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