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RPV Urges Northam to Reopen Virginia

Richmond, VA – Today, Republican Party of Virginia Chairman, Jack Wilson, issued the following statement in response to Governor Northam’s decision yesterday to extend the closure of many Virginia businesses until May 8th:

“Virginians are the most resilient people on the face of the Earth. We have survived everything from the Civil War to the Great Depression. Virginia has bounced back before and will bounce back stronger than ever once this pandemic is over.

“However, we cannot begin the recovery process until our leaders give us that ability. That is why I urge the Governor to develop and announce an actual plan to reopen Virginia as quickly and as safely as possible. Northam has spoken in platitudes about the sacrifices in Virginia, but the reality for thousands of small businesses and their employees is stress and desperation. They need to see that the Governor has an actual plan to get them back to providing for their families.

“Virginia is one of the most diverse places in the Nation and should be treated as such. Abingdon has different needs than Arlington, Fairfax County and Franklin County have access to different resources, and Dublin and Paris know what works for one may not work for the other. Blanket policies do not work for Virginia.

“We cannot expect for life to go back to normal after so many jobs have been lost and so many families have struggled to put food on their tables. Governor Northam, Virginians need hope; now is your chance to give them that hope. Begin the process of reopening Virginia now.

“The Republican Party will continue to play its part in defeating this virus and getting our Commonwealth back to work.”