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RPV Urges Northam to Stop Willingly Hurting Virginians

Richmond, VA – On Friday, Virginia Democrat Governor, Ralph Northam, blindsided members of his own COVID-19 business task force by continuing his strict, authoritarian, and draconian lockdown. Two business owners in the Virginia Beach – Norfolk region said they were “disappointed and surprised” that Phase I of Northam’s plan does not address any issues they are facing.

Northam’s weak approach to reopening Virginia has left many of our most vulnerable communities even more at risk.

From the InsideNova Editorial Board: “It’s past time for Northam to provide certainty. We appreciate his thrice-weekly news conferences and applaud his metrics-based “dimmer switch” approach to easing restrictions. But when it comes to businesses, he needs to end the teasing, the hinting and the waffling.  Stop leaving businesses in the dark – unable to plan. Set a date to begin reopening, announce the guidelines, and unless there’s a huge spike in coronavirus cases, stick with it.”

N.B. – Virginia is currently 50th in testing.

“At this point, Governor Northam’s lockdown is more of an an exercise in raw power as opposed to policy,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “We have to wonder whether keeping gyms closed was based on science or the fact that a gym owner had the audacity to challenge him. He has accomplished his goal of bringing our once prosperous Commonwealth to a grinding halt. We have been saying for weeks that Northam needs to start taking the economic impacts of his edicts seriously, but we are beginning to think he does not value Virginia businesses enough to do anything meaningful for working families. Governor Northam’s plans have no details, data, or evidence to support them. It’s time to reopen Virginia.”