San Francisco Millionaire to Run in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District

Roger Dean, or RD, Huffstetler is back after a failed attempt to secure the Democrat nomination in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District in 2018 and throwing his full support behind the virulent anti-Semite nominated in his stead. The San Franciscan millionaire couldn’t win his crowded primary, even though most of his donations came from Massachusetts and California.

A multi-millionaire, out-of-touch liberal from California, RD has only lived in Virginia a short time. So short, in fact, that he had to borrow a truck, a farm, and a fake accent for his first campaign ad. Co-founder of San Francisco based tech company, Zillabyte, RD decided he’d had enough of the cushy west coast lifestyle and headed to Virginia… in mid 2016.

Since RD is so new to Virginia, he may have missed some of our recent, embarrassingly national news. Here are a few questions you could ask him:

  • Would he vote for fellow San Franciscan, Nancy Pelosi, for Speaker of the House?
  • Does he support AOC’s job-killing Green New Deal?
  • Will he back President Trump’s America First agenda that protects American jobs and gets tough on China?
  • Will he campaign with or take money from Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, or Mark Herring?
  • Which accent will he use on the campaign trail?

“The last thing Virginia needs is another out-of-touch, Californian liberal representing them in Congress,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “Looks like RD didn’t learn from his first foray into politics; the people of Virginia do not want his radically liberal policies. RD should run in Danville, California, NOT Danville, Virginia. We look forward defeating him or whomever the Democrats nominate in 2020.”

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