While in Southwest VA, Will Ralph Northam Answer for His Job Killing Regulations?

Governor Northam makes rare appearance in SWVA to take credit for 40 jobs created during Trump administration.

Clintwood, VA – This morning, Ralph Northam plans to take credit for bringing a handful of jobs to Southwest Virginia, while his administration continues to inflict job-killing regulations on the region’s economy. The Obama-era anti-coal policies that Northam has decided to keep in place have cost Americans tens of thousands of jobs in the coal mining industry, devastated Southwest Virginia’s economy, and taken money away from Virginia families through higher electric bills. Instead of championing Virginia, Ralph Northam has sold out to his liberal out-of-state billionaire backers, Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg.

As you cover the Governor’s “big event” today, consider asking him the same question posed on the yard signs near the venue: