Tenth District Democrats Raise Their Hands In Vow To Raise Your Taxes

Democrats Pledge Their Loyalty to California Left Wing Billionaire, Tom Steyer

Left Wing Billionaire, Tom Steyer, came to VA-10th District to conduct a forum for the Democrat candidates Monday night. Steyer is the guy from la la land (California) who is running all of those commercials to impeach President Trump. He is committed with tens of millions of dollars of his personal fortune to getting Democrats back in charge of the House of Representatives so they can conduct impeachment and then turn to his radical left-wing agenda.

The VA-10 candidates performed like trained seals for Steyer who is dangling millions of dollars in support through his left wing SuperPAC.

Steyer set out his 12 point agenda and asked them to raise their hands to show support.

The Democrat hand show included the usual left wing agenda but notably included opposing the personal tax cuts and the business tax cuts and taking any corporate money.

Of course they were all vying to get Tom Steyer’s millions headed their way – money he presumably made NOT from any involvement with a big bad corporation or hedge fund that he’s been associated with?

Sounds more like hand charades to us.