Terrifying Tim’s Frightening Flip-Flops

Richmond, VA – Figuring out where Tim Kaine stands on important issues is a bit like navigating a haunted corn maze. There are twists, turns, dead ends, and you never know when Hillary Clinton some frightening figure will jump out at you. At the end of the day, you’re tired, confused, and only know that Chuck Schumer the farmer gets to mow the paths in whichever direction they choose.

Here is what Terrifying Tim has (or hasn’t) done over the last six years:

  • He flip-flopped on his condemnation of Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. Interesting that something Kaine so vehemently denounced 14 years ago all of a sudden did not deserve “re-litigation” after he was picked to run as Hillary Clinton’s VP.
  • He left Virginia behind to run for VP. It was Hillary’s turn to be President, so naturally Senator Shutdown did not feel the need to represent his constituents and instead campaigned across the country defending the indefensible as Crooked Hillary’s running mate.
  • Calling the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “highway robbery,” Tim Kaine knowingly voted against tax relief for small businesses and middle-class Americans. Terrifying Tim is nothing more than your run-of-the-mill tax & spend liberal.
  • Kaine voted to shut down the federal government in a feeble attempt to obstruct President Trump and the well-being of the American people. Kaine’s vote prioritized illegal immigrants over our military, our CHIP recipients, and the many Virginia families that rely on paychecks from government jobs.
  • Kaine flip-flopped on a litany of issues to secure Hillary’s VP nomination, ranging from offshore drilling to the Second Amendment to taxpayer-funded abortion (just to name a few.)

“I’m not even sure that Senator Kaine himself knows his official position on most issues,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “He tossed whatever original ideals he had left out of the window to turn his back on Virginia and run with Hillary Clinton.”

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  1. Look forward to you expressing the same skills of flip-flopping that Corey Stewart has done as Prince William County Board of County Supervisors Chairman. A County that’s majority minorities, even though if Chairman Stewart had it his way, every Spanish speaking resident of PWC would have left nearly a decade ago.

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