Tim Kaine Flips Again To End #SchumerShutdown

After Damaging Virginia’s Economy, Chairman Whitbeck Demands Virginia’s Senators Donate Their Entire Year’s Salaries

Richmond, VA — In a complete u-turn, Senators Tim Kaine, and Mark Warner both voted to end the government shutdown voted to create last Friday.

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement on the shutdown and demand they donate their pay back to the Treasury:

“After needlessly shutting down the government, Senators Kaine and Warner both came to their senses and ended the government shutdown they started last Friday. Senator Kaine’s multiple positions are particularly baffling, last December he publicly stated his opposition to ever voting for a shutdown, then last Friday he voted for a shutdown, and now he is voting to end the shutdown he created! Compared to Tim Kaine, John Kerry looks like a model of consistency.

Unfortunately, if the past is any indicator, the stupidity of our two Senators will have cost Virginia’s economy hundreds of millions of dollars.

Given the terrible harm done to our state by last Friday’s shutdown vote, I am publicly demanding that both Senator Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, donate their entire year’s salaries back to the Federal Treasury. While the roughly $350,000 in combined salary is a pittance compared to the damage done to our state, it would be the first step in atoning for their horrific errors in judgment.”