Tim Kaine Votes Against Pompeo in Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine prioritizes partisan politics over national security.

Richmond, VA – Today, Senator Tim Kaine voted against Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This vote comes as the United States faces a myriad of diplomatic challenges across the globe.

“Tim Kaine put his party over his country today,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “The Democrats complain and complain that the administration lacks diplomacy, yet refuse to confirm a Secretary of State. This position is one that is traditionally confirmed with overwhelming bipartisan support. However, in the “Age of Trump,” we have seen the Democrats offer no support for the administration or the United States. It is my sincere hope that Kaine and his Democrat colleagues change their tune and vote to confirm Mike Pompeo when that vote comes before the full Senate.”