Top VA Democrat Congressional Candidates Spread #FakeNews

Cockburn and Spanberger are Defending MS-13. Will Media Hold Them Accountable?

Richmond, VA – Yesterday, numerous “mainstream” media organizations were forced to eat crow for inaccurate reporting on a Wednesday speech by President Trump. During the Wednesday event, the President referred to MS-13 gang members as “animals.”

Many news organizations falsely reported that the President’s reference was to all immigrants. Both CNN and the Associated Press ended up changing previous stories.

Unfortunately, these cases of journalistic malpractice did not stop both 7th District Democrat Candidate Abigail Spanberger and Anti-Semite/5th District Democrat Nominee Leslie Cockburn from repeating the #FakeNews.


The Republican Party of Virginia publicly pointed out the error to both campaigns on Twitter. Neither campaign has modified there messaging. Given the context of the President’s speech it would appear that both Spanberger and Cockburn are now defending MS-13!

“The fact that both Spanberger and Cockburn fell for #FakeNews stories is disappointing,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “What is truly shameful is that both candidates would continue posting these lies after retractions have been issued. Given the context, it is clear both candidates are defending MS-13 criminals, this is truly disgraceful.”

“If the media wants to pretend that MS-13 isn’t a problem in central Virginia, I encourage them to look up Osbin Hernandez-Gonzales and Marvin Joel Rivera-Guevara, both Central Virginia teenagers were murdered by MS-13. The fact that Cockburn and Spanberger would defend these murders is truly beyond the pale.”