Virginia State Board of Elections GOP Statement of Affiliation

The Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia, John Findlay, issued the following statement in regards to the State Board of Elections approval of the GOP Statement of Affiliation:

“The Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee (SCC) has set a reasonable threshold to participate in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary, signing your name to a very simple nine word statement that reads: “My signature below indicates that I am a Republican.”

The statement was primarily passed by the SCC with a simple goal: to ensure Republican voters select our Republican nominee in 2016. As this Statement of Affiliation gets discussed, many in the media are misconstruing its intent and terminology. It is not an “oath” or “pledge” in any way. It is not targeting any candidate, group of voters or an unreasonable barrier to voting. These nine words were used specifically to avoid any confusion or reference to past attempts.

Requiring the signing of a Statement is a far lower barrier to participation than in States that require Party registration for voters participation in primaries.”

Key Facts:

  • In the 2000 Republican Primary, a pledge was required that said Republicans voters would not vote in another Party’s primary, significantly more detailed than the 2016 language. That Republican primary still holds the record for highest participation in a Republican process at over 660,000 voters, with a turnout of over 17%.
  • Both parties have used statements or pledges. As an example, in May 2003 Democrats in Fairfax County issued the following requirement: “”I hereby state that I am a Democrat, that I am a registered voter within the jurisdiction for which this caucus is held, that I believe in the principles of the Democratic Party, and that I do not intend to support any candidate who is opposed to a Democratic nominee in the next ensuing election.”