Virginia Democrats are Normalizing Racism

“Democratic governor Ralph Northam’s political action committee in the past two months has donated $85,000 to 13 Democratic candidates running for Virginia state office, many of whom had called on the governor to resign after his racist yearbook page surfaced.” – Washington Free Beacon

The Democrats that clearly have no principles and took money from a racist are as follows:

  • Missy Cotter Smasal – $15,000
  • Alex Askew – $5,000
  • Sheila Bynum Coleman – $5,000
  • Nancy Guy – $5,000
  • Clint Jenkins – $5,000
  • Shelly Simonds – $5,000
  • Rodney Willett – $5,000

“Virginia Democrats are doing their best to normalize racism,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “They have lost any moral authority to speak on issues of race in the future. Each Democrat should be asked if they’re a racist or a hypocrite every single day until November.”

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