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Virginians Deserve Better than Far-Left Radical Democrat Levar Stoney

Richmond, Virginia – December 4, 2023

Radical Democrat Levar Stoney has spent the last six years failing Richmond as its mayor and putting special interests and left-wing ideology ahead of his constituents. Now he expects Virginia voters to reward his failures by electing him governor.

Mayor Stoney pretends to care about helping working families, but just this year raised utility rates for Richmond residents because his office wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on useless liberal pet projects.

Mayor Stoney also pretends to care about public safety, but was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the radical “Defund the Police” movement. Unsurprisingly, the crime rate in Richmond is nearly twice that of Virginia overall.

It’s clear that a Stoney governorship would be a disaster for Virginia, and the exact opposite of the principled, common-sense leadership we have seen over the past three years under Governor Youngkin.