Walking the Tightrope: Ralph Northam on Right to Work

Ralph Northam is in quite the bind on Right to Work. Just days before the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce debate, Northam doubled down on his refusal to defend Right to Work.
A Northam Campaign spokesperson told The News Virginian:

“Dr. Ralph Northam knows right to work has been the law for 60 years, that it’s not going to change anytime soon, and he won’t make any attempt to change it.” (The News Virginian, 9/16/17)

Protecting Right to Work is a perennial legislative priority for the NoVa Chamber. But Northam’s campaign gets huge money from labor unions — and their top priority is rolling back Right to Work.

Northam has taken nearly $1 million in campaign contributions from labor groups, including:

$355,000 – National Education Association
$154,141 – Service Employees International Union
$150,000 – Firefighters – International Association
$100,255 – Baltimore Washington Construction & Public Employees Laborers PAC
$79,500 – Mid-Atlantic Laborers’ Political Education Fund
$50,000 – American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
$15,000 – Virginia Education Association
$10,000 – United Auto Workers

Northam is already struggling to shore up the Democratic base, given his late-found support of the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines. Over the weekend, he took heat for accepting a $10,000 check from a company helping to build the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Democratic unity is nowhere in sight.