Wexton parties with dark money group

Jennifer Wexton jetted out of Washington yesterday, but she wasn’t going to meet with constituents. Instead, she was going to party with socialist Democrats and a dark money liberal group, The Democracy Alliance, at the lavish Four Seasons Hotel in Austin.

Wexton appeared at a swanky cocktail and dinner reception with socialist loser Andrew Gillum and will speak alongside Virginia delegate Kathy Tran, who introduced infanticide legislation.

Odd place for a Congresswoman who claims to be against dark money, no?

NRCC Comment: “Jennifer Wexton claimed to be against dark money in politics but now that she’s inside the beltway that conviction has gone out the window. In mere months, Wexton has traded in her phony campaign promises for craft cocktails and fancy dinners paid for by dark money.” –NRCC Spokeswoman Camille Gallo

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