Whitbeck: Campaign Launch, or State of the Commonwealth Address?

— Governor McAuliffe’s final address was more cheerleading than change —

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement following tonight’s State of the Commonwealth address:

“Terry McAuliffe is leaving the Executive Mansion the way he came in – with lots of flash and very little substance. Tonight’s speech was clearly the second phase of his 2020 campaign kick-off, designed to show far-left liberal Democrats that he’s one of them – and undo any damage done from his support of pipelines.”

“But it’s what we didn’t hear from Terry McAuliffe that will doom his wannabe campaign from the start. We didn’t hear him take responsibility for the massive due diligence failures that let convicted sex offenders still incarcerated get their voting rights back and paved the way for violent felons to get guns.”

“We didn’t hear any explanation for how his administration got duped by a fake Chinese website for $1.4 million in taxpayer dollars, nor did we hear anything about his broken promises on tolls, or his electric car company that has turned into a disaster for the state of Mississippi.”

“Terry McAuliffe has been and always will be Slick Terry, regardless of his resume. I’m hopeful that Ralph Northam won’t follow his example.”