Whitbeck: JLARC Investigation of Herring’s AG Office is Well Deserved

— Oversight body audit actions of Herring’s office. —

Earlier today, the General Assembly’s investigative arm, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee, better known by its acronym JLARC, opened an investigation into the way Democrat Mark Herring has run the Office of the Attorney General.

Specifically, the agency will review Herring’s use of funds set aside to fight human trafficking to give his staff unauthorized raises, as well his decision to hire outside counsel to defend Virginia laws he doesn’t personally support.

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

“This review of Mark Herring’s office is long overdue and well-deserved. Herring ran on the promise of getting politics out of the Attorney General’s office, but he’s done the exact opposite. Time and time again, Mark Herring has abandoned his client — the Commonwealth of Virginia — when it was politically expedient for him to do so.”

“Herring’s diversion of funds from the victims of sex trafficking to his own staff’s wallets is disgusting, and JLARC is right to examine it. JLARC is about to discover what we’ve known for years – Virginia needs a new lawyer.”