Whitbeck: Northam Hate Mailer Goes Too Far

— Can Ed Gillespie expect an apology from Ralph Northam on Nov. 8? —
– Even media have noted that the hit reeks of desperation-

RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issued the following statement:

“Ralph Northam’s latest mailer is the perfect example of what’s wrong with politics. Long after Ed Gillespie called out the barbaric, ignorant racists who invaded Charlottesville, Ralph Northam and his team are attempting to smear a good man with their reprehensible hate. In reality, Ed Gillespie was widely praised for his response to Charlottesville. Even reporters have noticed the reek of desperation from this attack.”

“We as Virginians responded to Charlottesville in unity – coming together as one people to reject the hatred that these small-minded bigots brought with them. Three Virginians died. For Ralph Northam to use this gut-wrenching experience to score political points is abhorrent. It is the antithesis of the Virginia way.”

The Washington Post profile of Ralph should have given us a hint that this was coming:

‘He ran hard, even ugly. He lambasted his opponent for suggesting that mental illness was a punishment from God, a claim some said stretched Rerras’s words.
The local newspaper found that other claims were exaggerations or just plain wrong. Northam later apologized for some tactics.’

“Can Ed Gillespie expect an apology call from Ralph Northam on November 8th?”


Roanoke Times Editorial Board:
“Gillespie himself has said and done exactly the right things here. Vote against Gillespie because of his views on tax policy, if you want, but don’t vote against him because of anything related to Charlottesville. He and Northam are on the same side here.” (Roanoke Times, 8/18/17)