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Update from Chairman Rich Anderson regarding the 2021 convention and the Republican Party of Virginia’s next steps ⬇️ ... See MoreSee Less
Update from Chairman Rich Anderson regarding the 2021 convention and the Republican Party of Virginia’s next steps ⬇️

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Get involved! Amanda Chasing GOP Victory in 2021 (Virginia) EVERY House of Delegate seat is up for grabs in Virginia, except the 83rd district, which Tim Anderson will win!

Here we go again. Destined for defeat!

Wouldn't be so many problems if we held a primary instead of convention, right?!!!! Primary allows all to choose instead of a few.

Once again the Republican Party of Virginia will not allow the people to have a voice. Once again you will nominate someone that is not the best candidate. Once again you will walk away from that candidate like you have in the past elections. Just look at what you have done or should I say not done to the 7th District. It almost seems like you enjoy losing.

Your credibility is nill with many.

Too late to select a primary. They made sure of that😡😡😡😡😡by holding the meeting last Tuesday at 7:00 when the filing deadline was 5:00.

this is an attempt by the old school establishment types to stop Amanda Chase.

Primary, I emailed Mark Daniels and no response. They could care less what the people want, and they need to be replaced!

No wonder the d's get away with stealing VA. this area. Very new. I'm shocked that my new home state doesn't have a Republican primary. If a vast majority of Republicans want a primary then why vote for the officials who chose a convention over a primary?

Primary not a convention, please!

How are we supposed to “come together” as a party when some leaders are for their self interests? 🙄

Virginia Republicans deserve a primary.

There needs to be someone running in every race in the state from the party this time around !! No more only democrats running

Should be a primary!!

There should have been a primary. The people need to decide who our candidate will be.

If you want to remain a decently sized and strength party you will nominate Amanda Chase for Gov. If not the Republican party will be split and the democrats will win once again. Do what your supporters want, not what lobbyists pay you to do.

Don't really care since you guys did nothing to support Trump and keep him in office. Hopefully you will learn from all this.

Pathetic. The only reason the Republican Party of Virginia is dead set on a convention is because leadership is scared that their preferred establishment, uniparty candidates would not win a full blown primary and they know it. You say you’re pro-military but then exclude them from having a voice in choosing candidates. There’s a reason you lost the house of delegates and state senate, and you haven’t won a statewide office in years. And this is why. You’re no better than Democratic Party of Virginia

Here we go again Governor McAwful is back

Why don't you losers just nominate Fallwell's pool boy lover? He's more qualified than anybody running on your ballot

Once again ignoring the will of the people. I guess we will have to create our own party. The Patriot Party ✊🏻✊🏿✊🏾✊✊🏽✊🏼🇺🇲

they my as well close up shop they are just like the demoncrats, no interest in what the people want!!

1) A primary would have avoided ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS. 2) Are we going to address the SCC member that BLATANTLY LIED about having full permission from LU to have the convention on their property?

still won't listen to the people. another hijacked convention. afraid of Amada Chace.

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Sate Central Meeting ... See MoreSee Less

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Didn’t amendment 1 have a majority at last years convention?

Why is he trying to keep delegates from laying an issue before the convention?

The irony of doing this just down the road from UVA, founded by Thomas Jefferson, is incredible. He is spinning in the grave.

I’m glad so many members of this committee are on video record saying they will not bring forward amendments to kick YRs, CRs, and the VFRW off SCC. We’ll remember.

But y'all are not listening. You came up with your own party plan...this is astonishing. You will exclude every service member from being party to nominating a candidate for office

Thank you to the committee members who heard our voices and voted yes for a compromise. That's good Leadership! So absolutely disappointed in the rest of you.

"Hope just isn't a plan." - Dennis Free. Excellent statement. I seem to remember another promise made on 'hope'... those eight years didn't turn out so well for us.

All of this could have been avoided with a primary or a party canvass

The People want a Primary!!! You are single handedly destroying what’s left of the Republican Party, and it will be your fault when the Republicans lose what’s left of this party.

I'm gonna start a GoFundMe to pay for Chris Marston's drinks for the next month.

If the Republicans lose— I hold these folks responsible because one location forces how many folks to be unable to vote

Will scc members who have taken contributions from candidates recuse themselves from decisions that impact those candidates? Specifically nomination methods.

One location where 70%of the state must drive hours to. The lynchburg Mafia stands tall. And where no service member can participate. The party of inclusion excludes again...

Yep so instead of having a primary that is already being paid for, let’s force our candidates to pay an astronomical amount of money to do this lunacy

That's a horrible argument. If the units aren't up to the task, then they shouldn't exist in the first place!

Some people here can barely work a zoom and you want them to be able to communicate using technology for a convention?

Let’s dump the COVID restrictions and take back our state, then our country.

I love the Virginia GOP. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep Virginia blue for a generation!

So stop this madness and just do a primary for crying out loud!

These people had three months and the best they can come up with is "technologies" SAD!

This is about the voters being able to vote. I don't care about what any candidate wants.

Yup, you have a convention the local committees have to have mass meetings to elect their delegates. COVID is still a roadblock and the governor will shut us down in a heartbeat.

I sure wish they had any information abotu the call they just approved

well with tech this good they should handle the communications at liberty with no problem.

We would welcome input but we to drive hours to maybe vote. What if the governor at the last minute says you can't gather...say like lobby. Day in Richmond.

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