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๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธAs our next Governor, Glenn Youngkin will bring the fresh ideas and innovative solutions Virginia needs now. Over the last eight years, and especially during the last two, Virginia Democrats have embraced the same failed policies that have made New York and California states that businesses and families are fleeing. Glenn Youngkin has the experience and expertise to turn that around. He will make Virginia a national leader again, as it consistently was under Republican leadership. Virginia needs new leadership, and Glenn Youngkin is the leader we need now. We congratulate Glenn on his victory. We look forward to campaigning with him between now and November, and serving with him over the next four years. ... See MoreSee Less


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He’s not a career politician and has run many businesses. He’ll do a great job! Time to turn VA back to a red state! Dems have done nothing to help the people of Virginia!

I was hoping a well known, solid Republican would pop up this year to run especially after it became apparent McAuliffe will be the Democrat nominee. McAuliffe has been on the national stage for a long time, he used Virginia resources in all his DNC travels the last time he was Governor. You can bet money is going to pour in from all over the country and all sorts of businesses and I just don't think the VA GOP and Youngkin will be up to the task of fundraising and will not get the message out in an efficient manner because they will need to outspend McAuliffe to beat him and that's most likely not going to occur. I really hope I am totally wrong and all works out but I seriously doubt it will.

WE ARE the PEOPLE, we should vote; there should have been a Primary! Why should a group of people decide who will be the candidate for governor, and simply ram him (or them) down our throats? I may not know the process, but I do not think that the candidates decided by the process lately have been successful in winning for the conservatives. We should have been given the chance to choose among Cox, Snyder, Chase and this Dunkin Youngkin guy on who is the best bet. Anyway, water under the bridge. Let us hope that he does not remain under water for good.

Never heard of the guy. Amanda Chase was the people’s choice of the Republican citizens by about a million. The way you people conducted this was a giant scam played out against the wishes of the citizens of this state!!

I will get behind this nominee but the RPV has problems. In Virginia it’s hard Not to loose hope.

Better not be a Rhino!!! We need a true, conservative Trumpian in VA!!!!

If you didn't take the time to sign up and vote as a delegate, don't complain that your candidate didn't win!

We need to take our state back from the Democrats.

Happy you won! I know you will be a great Governor for all of VA. And with the support of the legislature, you should be able to make VA stronger than ever!

NOPE. I don’t vote for woke!!!

Needs to make sure he listens to us, that's all I ask.

So let me get this straight. Democrats let their people come together at public expense to pick a candidate they can all get behind. Republicans hold a controlled and confusing to most would be Republican voters process they pay for and select a candidate and then tell the rest of us to get behind him. How is that working out for you RPV.

Praying he has a backbone and thick skin because he's gonna need them.

So excited for a return to a conservative Virginia where Faith, Family and Freedom reign supreme!

No thanks to the RPV RINO pick. After 40 years a Republican I can’t vote “ just because he is a Republican “ I’m done supporting this party establishment. We only have the illusion of choice.

Make Virginia Red Again

Not voting for Youngkin. I did my research .

Good luck! Bring back the northern VA vote and help make Virginia RED AGAIN!

Congratulations. I have high hopes for this successful entrepreneur.

He better! This is the bell-weather state for 2022!!!

The chances of Youngkin, a FAR right conservative and Trump Supporter, winning the Office of Governor here in Virginia, has about the same chance as winning the Powerball as in order to Win a State Wide election here in Virginia, a Republican has to be able to garner both Independent and Some Democrat votes whereas a Democrat running in such election, DOES NOT~~~~~~

Take back Virginia

We need a republican primary! ๐Ÿ™„

I sure hope he's the one!

If he beats Terry I’ll be glad no more of Democrats BS they have ruined VA.We need a strong Republican I hope Youngkin is the one

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The first round of counting for the Lieutenant Governorโ€™s nomination is well underway! ... See MoreSee Less

The first round of counting for the Lieutenant Governorโ€™s nomination is well underway!

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Thank you to all of the volunteers and workers making this happen. Republicans unite ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Republicans are about opening things up and getting back to normal . Wont any need at all to leave this vote up to the elites tactics

Glenn Davis ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Everyone does know, you can sign up to be a delegate. Being a delegate is not just for only a selective few. I miss out this year. Sign up before the deadline and become a delegate.

Good luck all. Thanks to workers!! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Dont yall realize we can vote here as well as primary. I will write my name in for the Democrat ticket. Or at least vote for the better of the choices. Come on people.

Yall need to chill out on being mad about the rpv and unite behind the candidates

This is a joke and the reason we lose every single time. HAVE A PRIMARY ELECTION

Your state cheated in the last presidential election. Now, we have no respect for you.

The Democrat party is thanking the RPV, while laughing at you. How much Bloomberg money did you get?

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The fifth round of counting is complete. Candidates Youngkin and Snyder will move on to the sixth round. ... See MoreSee Less

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I do not like the idea of Delegates voting and representing many citizens of Virginia. But I sure hope Youngkin wins. He will turn this state red!

I am so disgusted over how the Virginia GOP has handled this entire debacle. After playing these establishment games, they deserve another Democrat Governor.

Some of the responses here are amazing to me. The RPV wouldn't let the people speak by holding a true primary but will blame those other Republicans, who choose to exercise their rights and take a pen in to the voting booth for a write in, if the Dems win. Everyday ordinary Virginian's are sick and tired of the political merry-go-round, by both parties. You can "move on to the sixth round" if you want. I am about ready to move on to Independent.

Hope chase runs as an independent,she has my vote.

I would support Snyder between the two, but either one of them are both miles better than McAuliffe that’s for sure.

I’m probably going to get heat for this, but in all honesty Chase was not electable. Think about it. In the 2017 gubernatorial race, the difference in votes was roughly 235,000 votes. That means that if you want the republicans to win you HAVE TO have someone who can convince those 235,000 voters to switch their vote to red. Chase is not that candidate. I honestly believe that Youngkin is the guy to do it. And while I know Chase supporters are not happy and are either wanting to not vote or vote write-in/independent, realize that the same policy you’re hating right now will continue another 4 years if the Dems win in November.

there's currently a referential error in gov round 6 data sheet. I really think it needs to be fixed so that the process doesn't end up looking like there were changes to the way votes were counted in the 11th hour...

What a complete joke. More swamp creatures playing politics with the people's lives and rights. Amanda Chase win or lose for me.

Convention was away to keep Chase out, a primary would had probably had a different outcome. Shame on the VA GOP.

Thank goodness Chase is gone.

Shame on GOP for not affording Virginians an opportunity to vote in a primary!

Ted Cruz endorsed Glenn Youngkin. Time to get on board and flip our state Red!

Did whatever y’all could do the get Chase out. Spineless politicians as usual.

I wish the MAGA party had taken hold. The GOP is playing stupid games against Conservatives. Chase should have been the clear choice!

Well I guess the GOP just given the demorats another assured win. The only ones left will be the blisters after Chase campaigned all last year and paved the way for the DC rich cat. I believe this will anger many people who supported Chase and probably will not vote.

I will be voting for Chase in November!

Whomever wins is who we have to stand together to support and fight the Democrats or Virginia loses in the end!!!

This has been the craziest way to count votes. What ever happened to just voting and counting the votes? ๐Ÿ™„ Feels very much like this was the way to get the outcome someone wanted. So much for what Virginians want. Smh

Yup, Fast Terry wins again. Congrats to the RPV for losing another election.

All of this RINO talk is a bunch of malarkey. Republicans are supposed to be the Big Tent Party that accepts views across the spectrum. I consider myself to be a moderate Republican, but I’m still a Republican. The Dems control the state legislature, so if a Republican is elected Governor, they still have to work with the Dems to get things passed. Does that mean they are a RINO? No, it means they are trying to get things accomplished.

Now hopefully crazy Chase won't run as an independent.

Rigged election. I will be writing in Chase. I. No longer going to accept a rino candidate who wont win anyhow. Done with the GOP, time for a new Patriot Party.

Why did they try to skip explaining the instructions for the 5th round? We've seen the footage. Please explain this.

Why did some Youngkin door-knockers in Fairfax deliberately tell residents that they were with RPV? Why did that not disqualify Youngkin?

And just like that, no votes will be cast from my family in the November election. You did just as much to cancel my vote when you rallied around youngkin. Laugh emoji all yo want...GOP just elected McCauliife or McClinton. Here we go again. Next time some of y’all need to find a normal person not another white millionaire. Even down to these life long delegates and senators...walker, Newman, Byron. House needs to be cleaned

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The fourth round of counting is complete. Candidates Youngkin, Chase, and Snyder will move on to the fifth round. ... See MoreSee Less

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This will be interesting, if Cox’s folks put Synder as their second or ahead of Youngkin, that might help give the advantage

Am I the only one who can’t see an updated Gov count spreadsheet? The AG race shows fine but not the Gov.

Chase can't beat a dem!

I thought Gov was being counted last. Who won Lt Gov?

What a shame...Kirk Cox had the best chance in a statewide election. The RPV should have done whatever they had to do to ensure he won.

Hope Chase wins out..... The other two are wishy-washy rinos!!!!

Any of them are a sight better than the democrat alternative.

WE need fearless and a little radical .. That spells Amanda Chase

Why are the republicans of Virginia not getting to vote on these? This is not right!

Will be shocked if Snyder overcomes Youngkin?

Chase needs to go!

Amanda Chase will never beat a democrap. She became too radical.


Snyder? He's on the Democratic Payroll ๐Ÿคฎ

Better pick one that beat Clinton buddy Terry McAuliffe all democrats mayors and delegates on commercials already boosted him

Yea Amanda Chase!!!!!

Amanda Chase!

Didn't Younkin's group support Hillary Clinton? And he hasn't said one thing (that I've heard) about supporting the 2nd Amendment.

If it's anything like the presidential election we just seen we are screwed

C'mon Youngkin

The people will speak and we should fall in line. The candidate may not be our choice, but they will serve us better than McAuliffe!

Chase needs to be the nominee


Snyder with the Win

Virginia need a conservative exsteamist to undue all the shit the democrats have done.

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