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Thank you, Joe Biden.

If Chris had to live off his salery it would be a different story. By the way how does his net worth grow on that salery?

He also believes in drunk driving and being able to get away with it

Just wait until 15.00 wages hit.. better buckle up you haven't seen anything yet.

Maybe his job isn’t real.

Hurst is just the worst

Paying $15 to $20 more at the grocery store.

We just went to the grocery store and bought 4 Walmart bags of our usual grocery necessities that consist of food for dinners and breakfast and it cost us $94. We were blown away.

It's hitting my family budget.

So wait. He I just can’t today. Economics isn’t that hard y’all.

4+% inflation plus 2+% INCREASE IN FOOD PRICES alone, still think only over $400,000 earners got a BIDEN TAX INCREASE???

A house divided will fall . Virginia is a big state. And you expect everyone to come to liberty University and cast their ballot? What if people don’t have cars. Look at the gas prices . The Democrats are holding their primary in June. They may be evil but they are united in their nefarious ways . Kind of like Babble. Whatever they can imagine will be obtained . The same can be said for the righteous people . Yet I feel as If you have traitors in your party causing your division . No one in your party has spiritual eyes to see what is going on . You allow the division to occur and it has lasting effects on your voters confidence in your divided party. The American people want their country that was dedicated to God back . Yet your platform is causing division .

Says the guy that got elected on a symathy vote

He’s a jackass.


What has the Virginia GOP done for We the People in the last decade? Running quotes from idiots, and talking 💩 doesn't count.

You guys lost when you decided not to do a primary for your supporters 😂 i on the other hand can vote for who I want. Something you didn’t let your base do.

Hold on isn’t he criticizing government intervention?

Chris Hurst needs another breathalyzer ......oh wait.....he's Democrat privileged and can drive drunk with no accountability! This lush can go pound sand.

Much like Jimmy Biden’s sage advice about the gas situation around here, “don’t panic.” Real helpful.

A drunkard doesn't remember the good, Just the things THEY are PAID TO GET..... A REAL POS

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Something is happening in our Commonwealth – something historic. A RED wave is coming to Virginia, and it’s time to get to work. #WinWithGlenn

Join us ➡️
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Vote Red for Freedoms....or Vote Blue to have your Freedoms stripped....simple as that.

I can not support anyone who has no idea of what a tremendous help the Affordable Care Act has been for so many Virginians. Do the republicans who refused to expand medicaid so that those working people who made too much to be eligible for medicaid, but too little to afford insurance, care that, that refusal harmed those Virginians, and even caused deaths? No, it was all about destroying the Affordable Care Act. Thank God, we had enough democrats in the state house to finally expand it a few years ago. You are totally out of touch.

About time!!!!!!

I hope so. Get out the vote!

I remain unconvinced that this candidate is truly conservative. That being said, he better grow a thick skin real quick, and be ready to fight dirty! We need someone with a backbone, and the RPV needs SOME sort of PLAN to deal with F*ing NoVa.

Yes!!!! Bring it on. Talking is Over! Take action! Vote RED!!!!

Still nope. I'm tired of being insulted by my own party.


Most of the state is red till you get up north. I hope you have a plan to work with that

The VA RINOs are more loyal to the swamp than they are to me.

Be very careful, the democrats will bring out the cheating just to keep power control. Will the election be fair?

Voters were left out of it, except for write-ins. Then we are told we are going to help the leftists keep power if we do that. So this is the Republican Party of Virginia?


I really hope it turns Red!

Who counts the votes is all that matters.

I am ready

I have fingers crossed for a red state...

We have to win!!

I dont believe Mr. Youngkin thinks he has the slightest chance of winning , however perhaps he will make a profit from his campaign donors , otherwise, more theft from the left.

He has to prove to me he is not a rino

as long as the ballots are guarded

I pray so.

Don't get your hopes up. Northern Virginia is filled with Government workers and contractors.

We had a red wave in 2020....but they cheated...what's to say they won't cheat again?

FYI, we had a red wave in 2020 election, but VA is still blue. So tired of hearing the old rhetoric of red wave is coming! So what has RPV done that is so different from the last few elections?????

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The Democratic Party of Virginia is TERRIFIED of Glenn Youngkin and his campaign. Since he became our nominee, they’ve attacked him non-stop and ‘ol T-Mac has had a Twitter fit over him.

That’s a good sign for us. Vote GOP in November!
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How about candidate Youngkin please put his stands on the issues on his own campaign website? I'd love to know where he officially stands on the issues.

Republicans in va = no backbone.

Youngkin has my vote!

They are in no way Terrified of him. They voted in this convention putting him the weaker candidate over the top. They now have the opponent they wanted to run against.

So he knows what Trump has to go through. Democrats are a sick bunch!

Why bother...the Dems cheated in the Presidential Election and the Republicans did NOTHING...they'll do the same again.

Who runs this page? This is the dumbest shit I’ve seen on my feed all day

Perhaps they should be.

Vote for Freedom not lockdowns ,idled businesses or Draconian Dictator Fantasies.

Go Red❤❤❤❤❤


Go Red!!!

Wow, I remember when the Republican party, in Virginia, had some power. It s a shadow of its former self. Sad to see.

So are constitutional conservatives!

Vote Youngkin on November 2nd.

Yol ko is a joke....


I don’t know a thing about him.

Time to take VA back!

Time to stand as united Republicans and put the Democrats out like the trash they have been.

If we’re being real the dems have zero reason to fear any republican anymore. So this is fake news. Doesn’t matter who runs, Virginia has become just about unwinable for republicans.

Are you a voter? You need to start calling around and asking questions. Here are some starter questions that you should know the answers to: Who processes my voter registration? Who stores my vote and who has access to my voting history on the database? Who prints the ballots? Who mails them? Who receives them? Who are they tied to? Who funds who?

Rino !

Hopefully they stop the fraud before the next vote

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Glenn Youngkin: Terry McAuliffe Is On The Wrong Side Of Every Issue ... See MoreSee Less

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It should youngkin was given the republican primary. He didn’t win anything. Amanda chase would had won

How about you ask Youngkin to put his stand on the issues on his own campaign website? Then we would actually know where he stands on the issues.

Mcauliffe and the other dems are promoting their rose colored promises with no way to pay for them. Using tax dollars as their personal piggy banks.

We do not need any more of Terry McAwful’s mismanagement and his socialist agenda. If it wasn’t for his buddy Obummer, he would’ve been indicted for fraud in Northern Virginia immediately after he left office.

Still nope. Y'all screwed up. And don't blame us when you lose.


Don’t let the Clinton friend come back to Virginia

Buffoon Terry is a Clinton protege and should be treated as such


We want a candidate that will put our monuments back up and prosicute those who vandalized and tore them down, also one who will defend the 2nd amendment with a passion, who will LOWER taxes, who will stand against abortion, who will put virginia and america first, who will penalize sanctuary cities, who will open up the state and get rid of all covid regulations and stand against covid vaccine passports!!!!!

What about NOT having vaccine passports, strict laws against rioter and rioting, 2A, and no mask mandate???

Its really sad what the hell we have candidates on both sides...

How anyone would want him back as governor He did nothing for Virginia when he was governor

It should youngkin was given the republican primary. He didn’t win anything. Amanda chase would had won

McAulffe is a Domestic Terrorist Blowhard

How about Critical Race Theory indoctrination which is tearing our country apart? Where do you stand on that? Ban it or permit it??

What about the CCP hacked 2020 election and hacked voting machines? Please go go or defending the republic. com. The jewels must be returned!

If we are to save Virginia vote Republican. We can’t survive another 100 days of Biden.

A shame you don't allow videos to be posted. I have a good one of ERIC COOMER - INVENTOR, ENGINEER & DOMINION PATENT HOLDER EXPLAINS HOW TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM THROUGH ADJUDICATION... And how the left cheats

we are going to need him to clear this up. point in fact, a pipeline just got hacked, so, an election could be hacked... there's tons of evidence (that the courts refused to see, but legislatures did and chose to change voter laws based on it) that is saying the election was stolen, those paying attention see it (I'm sorry if all the liberal media and fact checkers disagree). Coming to light as an example from just a few days ago, Maricopa County Ballot Batches Off by 17.5%, 'Likely Joe Biden Did Not Win Arizona' We need to fix 2020 or there is no 2024❗️🇺🇸 —Biden got a record low number of counties in the United States by a supposed “winner” – only 16%. —Trump won every bellwether county except one and every battleground race in the US House. —Trump won Ohio, Florida, and Iowa handily something EVERY winning candidate has accomplished since 1960. —President Trump won more of the black and Latino vote than any of his recent Republican predecessors since 1960. —President Trump made “sizeable” gains with large populations of Latinos and residents of Asian descent, including ones with the highest numbers of immigrants. —Newly released data from the Catalist confirms Trump won more women and voters of color in 2020 than he did in 2016. Any honest mathematician would look at these numbers and realize the obvious. Democrats stole the 2020 election. There is absolutely no doubt that President Trump won this election in a landslide. DON'T FORGET, northam REPEALED THE VOTER ID LAW LAST SPRING... HOW CONVIENENT. But youngkin, IF the election was stolen, you don't have a prayer and mcawful will crush you. on the other hand, it is the wapo, so, hit piece?

More propaganda from the RPV.

Know your school board. Call them out. Fairfax, VA Public School Board at-large member Abrar Omeish closes Ramadan by celebrating anti-semitism and condemning Israel’s self-defense against Hamas’ missiles. Her real mission is her political ideology, not kids learning to add.

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