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We will always remember.

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We have to do some things to save Virginia from the shit that is distorted every thing we believe in

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We seriously need to lobby to not send any federal funds to NY and CA. They clearly have enough and it’s not fair to the rest of the country that we keep bailing them out.

What about LEGAL CITIZENS who lost work during the pandemic?? Something tells me they’d appreciate a handout ... especially since this is their hard earned tax money to begin with.

So that’s where all the tax money the federal government just gave them is going !

What part of "illegal" doesn't Cuomo understand?

Perhaps the Republican party would like the task of punishing those companies that employ the undocumented immigrants which is the actual source of the problem?

I can only surmise that liberal Dems are so scared of losing the 2022 and 2024 elections they are buying votes of illegals with total disregard to the citizens of NY and the rest of the countries.

Socialism does not work NY. Just ask anyone from a socialist country.

This has got to be a joke. This is insane. Republicans need to move out of NY and let the Dems support the illegals.

Of course! Paid for by US taxpayers under Joe Biden’s bloated $2 Trillion relief bill.

Well, as long as Nancy and the dems keep paying off their debt with everyone else’s money, I guess they can afford it.

What about our homeless veterans ?

How about funding your cops? Or giving that $$ to the families that had a loved one killed by the Governor policy? Or is this a goodbye gift from the Governor to the people of New York?

I think the American people should stop paying taxes as a strike for throwing our money away.

Biden got the money from hard working people in red states to bail out the irresponsible Democrats running the blue states and this is what they do with it!

And where is that money coming from? You can bet it is coming from the citizens in the other 49 states because NY is nearly bankrupt.

That is just wrong . I work 6 days a week . And don’t get that . But then I’m not illegals

That's our tax money they are throwing away!!!

The number one minority for Democrats are the illegal immigrants. For Democrats, the citizens are last.

So, a Man came to my home today and gave me a paper to fill out that is due on Monday. They have changed the VOTING RULES AGAIN!!!!! So I can't get there on Monday. DO I STILLGET TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wtf? What about the people of all colors living in new york who lost jobs. Restraunts closer? Gyms the great mayor shut down.? 1400 check from gov't is all they got!!!!!!! People of new york. Rise up.

I don't get why the Democrats do not comprehend the term "illegal" Immigrants.

Hard to believe Democrats are really supporting this idea. It’s even way overboard for them

No way! This has got to be a joke. If so, I am identifying as a illegal from New York.

Democrats are hurting the economy of the country and American workers.

How about our veterans, our homeless and American people.

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General Assembly Democrats Approve $250,000 to Continue Northam’s Administration’s Cover-Up of Parole Board Misconduct ⬇️ ... See MoreSee Less

General Assembly Democrats Approve $250,000 to Continue Northam’s Administration’s Cover-Up of Parole Board Misconduct ⬇️

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Of course they did! Dems take a wrecking ball to our beautiful Commonwealth every time they're in charge. What's wrong with the people who vote for them...or are our votes "switched" somehow 🤔 #dirtyDemocratpolitics

So glad I no longer call myself a Virginian this dismal leadership is pathetic and a slap in the face of law abiding citizens... stand up and speak out and let your dissatisfaction of their decisions be made!!!! 💪💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

What about HIS nursing home cover ups ???? He’s not the only democrat dictator governor in the states! Let’s audit Virginia’s ballots from election! He’s a typical tyrant democrat governor! Remove the masks like Republican states.

Can’t wait for Until election time and pry we get the liberal trash out of Va.

That’s why he stepped up the effort to get marijuana legalized sooner than later so he can dumb down Virginians faster💯🤣

That should not be allowed, there should be an independent outside investigation, otherwise we know the outcome.

Virginia gets worse every day

Northam must be voted out next election!!

Elect Amanda Chase for Governor

Northam is the worst kind of dictator!!!

When does this stop?

Does that really surprise anybody, Of course they what they want to do is cover everything up

This random, unsigned and unpublished piece of paper looks really legit. It should win a Pulitzer. Conservatives sure love to find their news from the most authoritative sources.

WAY past time to vote them OUT!

I for one am studying who the RINOS are.

Tax and's what they do.

Will be so glad when he is gone!!🙄

Va government is as corrupt as Federal government !


Above any laws..

Criminals protecting criminals. Thanks democrats.

What did RPV do in response? When are you gonna start the recall?

More Dem BS

Impeach northam!!! Sherry

Republicans need to get involved with this.

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