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Life’s a Beach

Richmond, VA – Over the Memorial Day weekend, Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, decided to take a day off and have himself a beach day. With that in mind, there are several questions that Governor Northam must answer if he is to regain the trust of the Commonwealth:

  • If it’s safe for Ralph Northam to go to the beach and not wear a mask and not practice good social distancing, why is it unsafe for thousands of Virginia small business owners to open their doors?
  • If Northam issues a mandatory mask order, how does he expect Virginians to take it seriously given Northam’s own issues wearing masks?
  • How long will these arbitrary phases and lock-downs last if they do not apply to the Governor?

“Northam’s recent ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude is a slap in the face to thousands of out-of-work Virginians,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “If he can choose to ignore his own social distancing and mask recommendations, then Virginia can safely go back to work. It’s time to reopen Virginia.”