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Northam, Stoney Deploy Distraction Program

Richmond, VA – After miserably mishandling Richmond’s COVID-19 and riot responses, Ralph Northam and Levar Stoney have decided it is time to divert attention from their derelict leadership.

Cue statue removal. This is Northam and Stoney’s ploy to distract Virginia from their harmfully incompetent leadership over the past several months and especially the last several nights. No matter what you may think of tearing down monuments, the dynamic duo and the rest of the Virginia Democrats showed that they will not think twice about bending the knee to mob rule.

On Tuesday, Northam’s press conference focused on race and the inequities faced by the African American community. He invited (Democrat) community leaders to speak, and several of them took the opportunity to urge people to vote. While they didn’t technically specify the Party for which one should vote, the message would have reverberated with a brick wall. Northam took questions and was not asked once about his own struggles with racism, but rather lobbed softballs about President Trump & Jerry Falwell.

During today’s coronavirus (remember that??) press conference, Northam will take credit for being a leader on the issue of justice for the African American community in yet another shameful attempt to make Virginia forget about his inept rule.

What Northam will not do is explain why he has not attempted to reach out to LG Justin Fairfax. He will not explain why he allowed to let Virginia fall to last in testing. He will not explain why a state of emergency was necessary for the Second Amendment rally but not for two nights of riots. He will not answer for his creation of nursing home abattoirs.

A failure to ask Ralph Northam how he can be expected to lead Virginia through this crisis given his own racist past is an abdication of responsibility by the Virginia press corps.

“Northam and Stoney have stumbled and bumbled through the first half of 2020,” said RPV Chairman Jack Wilson. “And we’re far from over. From botching the COVID-19 response to glaring inaction over the last few nights, they have proven themselves incapable of competent leadership. Yet only the Republican Party of Virginia seems interested in holding them accountable. Tearing down statues may be a shiny new toy, but the RPV stands ready to remind Virginia just how badly the Democrats are hurting them.”