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Republican Party of Virginia Announces Nominating Process for Virginia’s 4th Congressional District

Richmond, VA – December 13, 2022


On Saturday, December 17, the 4th Congressional District Republican Committee will hold a Congressional District Party Canvass at Life Christian Academy (1221 Boulevard, Colonial Heights, VA 23834) from 10am-3pm. The method for voting will be Ranked Choice Voting, which the Republican Party of Virginia used with great success in statewide candidate nomination contests in 2021. Voters will be asked to rank all candidates on the ballot in order of their preference.


Conducting this election on a Saturday will give voters of the 4th District the best opportunity for their voices to be heard in a more inclusive way and permit the maximum number of people to participate. Additionally, Ranked Choice Voting in intra-party contests allows for the candidate with the broadest base of support to win. Virginia Republicans are committed to holding a fair, easy, and secure election process that allows the maximum number of voters to engage in the process.


In contrast, Democrats will hold a Firehouse Primary on Tuesday, December 20. With the last-minute nature of these nominations, Democrats are holding their nomination contest just five days before Christmas and on a weekday. This exclusionary process constitutes voter manipulation by Democrats to ensure that the least number of people possible participate in their nomination process, thereby tipping the nomination to the more extreme candidate pre-selected by Democrat Party bosses. This sort of election engineering is something we have seen from the Democrats time and time again, and it is an indisputable form of voter suppression.


The 4th District special election will be held on February 21, 2023. We look forward to supporting on a fair and equal basis all Republican candidates who participate in this 4th District Republican Party Canvass, and we will stand with our eventual nominee in the fight to flip the 4th District to responsible Republican representation.