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Republican Party of Virginia Statement on State Education Report

RICHMOND, VA – May 20, 2022

Republican Party of Virginia Statement on State Education Report

The Republican Party of Virginia shares Governor Youngkin’s deep concerns about the state of education in our Commonwealth. As so many Virginia parents know, our schools were not performing as they should even before the pandemic, and now our students have fallen behind their peers in other states.

The cause of these insufficiencies in our education system is all too clear – instead of teaching core subjects like reading and math, Democrat school boards have “gone woke” and pushed politicized curriculum from kindergarten on up. While many teachers still strive to present material in an honest and unbiased way, extreme Democrat activist school boards and administrators have destroyed transparency and accountability and violated the trust placed in them by their communities.

This report is an important first step toward putting parents back in charge of their children’s education and restoring integrity to our classrooms. If Democrats truly care about solving this problem, they should pass Governor Youngkin’s budget, which includes much-needed reforms that can get Virginia schools back on track. 

Our children are our greatest resource, and we must empower them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.