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RPV Chairman Anderson’s Statement on Election Results in VA-05


June 24, 2024

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RPV Chairman Anderson’s Statement on Election Results in VA-05



The 5th Congressional District Republican Primary Election has now concluded, and I congratulate State Senator John McGuire on being the Republican nominee. Further, I thank Congressman Bob Good for his service to the Commonwealth and country.

Given the margin, Congressman Good has the right—after the State Board of Elections certifies this result on July 2nd—to request a recount of the election. As Americans, we should respect his right to do so.

As this process and the General Election move forward, we can all have confidence that the commonsense appointments to the Virginia Department of Elections and State Board of Elections over the last three years, along with Virginia’s exclusive use of paper ballots, will keep our elections secure.

The major reforms put in place by Governor Youngkin will ensure that Virginia elections are safe, secure, and reliable—and they have included such safeguards as expanding data sharing agreements with other states, streamlining and speeding the process of removing deceased voters from the rolls, doubling the number of National Change of Address (NCOA) mailings each year to validate voter addresses, and banning the outside use of so-called “Zuckerbucks” to influence electoral outcomes.

To buttress our state efforts even further, the RNC and the Trump campaign are jointly making significant monetary and manpower investments this year in Election Integrity (EI) operations in Virginia. They have hired significant staff and are working to place 500 lawyers and 5,000 volunteers across our Commonwealth in strategic locations to safeguard our elections and ensure that the 2024 election is fairly and legally run.

I and the Republican Party of Virginia are confident that our candidates and Commonwealth are on a sound glidepath to victory on November 5th.