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RPV Condemns Northam for Playing Politics with Southwest Virginia

Richmond, VA – Today, Ralph Northam unilaterally decided that the 38th State Senate District would be without representation throughout the entire upcoming General Assembly session. Setting the date of the Special Election for March 23, 2021, all but guarantees that the eventual Senator from Southwest Virginia will not even get a voice in the Reconvened Session. Northam’s partisan strategic decision gives Democrats an even bigger advantage in the Virginia State Senate for this session.

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Rich Anderson issued the following statement:

“Ralph Northam’s decision to deny the 38th District of representation during session is as shameful as it is shady,” said Anderson. “As much as they want to, Democrats cannot continue to ignore rural Virginia. Every Virginian deserves a State Senator, even if that Senator does not share the Governor’s party affiliation.”

“This misguided decision is just the latest in a long line of bumbling, stumbling mistakes that the Northam administration owns,” continued Anderson. “From masquerading as a virulently racist character, to letting Virginia drop to 49th in COVID-19 testing, to scandals with the Parole Board, to mishandling the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Northam’s legacy will be one of incompetence and petty political games.”