RPV 2020 State Convention

2020 Republican Party of Virginia Quadrennial Convention


(Please see approved motion below)

The terms of the Call to Convention originally scheduled for May 1-2 be modified to:

a) Hold an Unassembled Convention on August 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.;

b) At polling locations proposed by each of the Congressional District Committees no later than July 6 and ratified by the State Central Committee no later than July 11 (more than one district may propose the same polling place), with delegates from each Unit assigned the polling place in the Congressional District in which that Unit has its greatest Republican Party Voting Strength; and

c) Provide that voting for the office of State Chairman shall be by ranked choice voting, for the office of National Committeewoman by majority vote, for the nominations for at-large Elector by plurality vote; and for the proposed change to the Party Plan by the provisions set forth in Article XI of the Plan; and that

d) Candidates for State Chair, National Committeewoman, and nominee for at-large Elector be provided the opportunity to address the delegates by electronic presentation on August 11 at 7:30 p.m., which shall be recorded and made available for later viewing; and that

e) Delegates who have not paid their required $35 fee prior to August 15 be permitted to pay that fee at their assigned voting location and that the respective District Committees retain all such fees collected at their polling locations; and that

f) State convention committees appointed pursuant to Art. VIII, Sec. I of the Plan shall make recommendations to the State Central Committee for action in its role as the Committees on Credentials, Nominations, and Standing Rules under Art. XII, para. 3(a)(i).

g) Republican Party of Virginia will cover all of the costs to the District Committees in executing the Convention.


Want to Participate?
Delegates to the 2020 Quadrennial Convention must first be elected by their local unit committee during a mass meeting. To determine the process by which elections will take place, please contact your local unit chairman or visit the events calendar where you can use the search function to narrow results to your local unit.