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RPV Introduces Candidates for Special Elections

Richmond, VA – Heather Mitchell and Sylvia Bryant are the Republican Party nominees for the special elections in the Second and Ninetieth House of Delegates Districts, respectively. Mitchell seeks to replace former Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy, who abandoned her constituents during a crisis to run for higher office. Bryant seeks to replace Joe Lindsey, a newly-elected Virginia judge who allegedly endorsed Bryant’s Democrat opponent in a potential violation of ethics rules.

“I am honored to be the GOP nominee,” said Mitchell. “I know these are trying times for all of us, and I promise that if elected I will do everything that I can to serve the people of the Second House District. The Democrats in Richmond have turned their back on frontline workers, our heroes in blue and have made our communities less safe by releasing violent felons and sexual predators back into our communities. I will always be there for the community, and I will have no greater priority than the health and safety of our police and frontline heroes, small businesses, teachers and essential workers. It’s time to bring sanity back to Richmond.”

“As a mom and business administrator at a multi-state construction company, I am deeply concerned about the poor leadership displayed by our state government in Richmond,” said Bryant. “The new Democratic majority in Richmond is out of touch with the people of the Commonwealth and have forgotten whom they serve. This story is the same for the Eastside of Norfolk as we have lacked a strong advocate for our community, and it is time for a change.