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RPV Statement on Joe Biden’s VP Pick

Richmond, VA – RPV Chairman Jack Wilson issued the following statement in reaction to Joe Biden’s picking of Kamala Harris to be his Vice-Presidential nominee:

“In a time that our nation is crying out for healing and and end to partisan divisiveness, Joe Biden just went full bore in the opposite direction. Kamala Harris exemplifies the worst parts of the Democratic Party: petty fighting, grandstanding, putting Party before People, and flip-flopping on almost every issue.

“Virginia demands leadership. When then Vice-Presidential nominee Mike Pence came to Farmville, VA and debated Tim Kaine, we saw exactly what real leadership looks like. Neither Kamala Harris nor Tim Kaine are the types of leader Virginia demands.

“Do not let the Democrats tell you that they support real criminal justice reform. Kamala Harris vehemently championed many of the laws, policies, and bureaucracy that has led to the inequities we see today. She has no plans to be a leader on the most critical issues facing our country.

“The Republican Party of Virginia looks forward to clearly exposing the differences between the radical agenda of Biden-Harris and the forward-thinking, America first agenda of Trump-Pence.”

N.B. – Harris had this to say about Joe Biden just last year: “I have a great deal of respect for VP Biden, but to coddle the reputations of segregationists—of people who, if they had their way, I would literally not be standing here as a member of the U.S. Senate—is misinformed and wrong.”