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RPV Statement on Terry McAuliffe Gubernatorial Announcement

Richmond, VA – RPV Chairman Rich Anderson released the following statement on Terry McAuliffe’s announcement that he will seek to destroy Virginia one more time run for governor once again.

“Terry McAuliffe’s new campaign for governor could not be a worse fit for the Democratic Party in Virginia. A Governor who spent four years taking credit for signing Republican legislation now attempts to cast himself as a progressive champion. The ‘pro-business’ McAuliffe is looking for support from a party that espouses socialism and wants to defund the police.

“McAuliffe’s entire four-year term was the definition of style over substance. When Virginians needed their leadership to protect the public in Charlottesville in 2017, Governor McAuliffe dropped the ball. As a result, dozens were injured and three people lost their lives.

“His attempts to whitewash his failures in his book Beyond Charlottesville were so brazen that even his one-time allies have called him out for passing the buck.

“Desperate to be seen as a reformer, McAuliffe installed a Parole Board chairwoman who has now been cited for not only breaking the law to release killers from prison, but treating victims of crime as a nuisance.

“And when due diligence threatened to slow down McAuliffe’s self-styled image as a job creator, due diligence went out the window – along with $1.4 million in taxpayer money to fake Chinese website.

“Terry McAuliffe stands for one thing: Terry McAuliffe. Virginians need a leader who will sacrifice for them, not put their own ego and ambitions ahead of the public good. After the failure of Ralph Northam, the last thing Virginia needs is four more years of Terry McAuliffe.”