CANCELLED: Rockingham Co. Firehouse Primary (5th Election District)

McGaheysville Volunteer Fire Company 80 Stover Drive, McGaheysville, VA 22840

**THIS FIREHOUSE PRIMARY HAS BEEN CANCELLED IN ACCORDANCE TO THE CALL** As Chairman of the 5th Election District of Rockingham County Republican Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia and pursuant to the State Party Plan of Organization, I, Jeffrey Bolander, do hereby issue this call for a Party Canvass or “Firehouse Primary” to be held at McGaheysville Volunteer Fire Company, 80 Stover Drive, McGaheysville, VA 22840, starting at 9:00 AM local time and ending at 12:00 PM local time on May 13, 2023 for the purpose of nominating a Republican candidate for the office of Supervisor from the 5th