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Virginia GOP Calls On Terry McAuliffe To Apologize To Virginia’s Disabled Community


Virginia GOP Calls On Terry McAuliffe To Apologize To Virginia’s Disabled Community

After a news report that Terry McAuliffe ducked out of a Zoom forum with the Virginia disabled community after the first question in order to fundraise in Las Vegas with Governor Steve Sisolak, Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Rich Anderson issued the following statement calling on Terry McAuliffe to apologize to Virginia’s disabled community.

“Terry McAuliffe must immediately apologize to Virginia’s disabled community for his disgraceful and disrespectful behavior yesterday, when he deserted The Arc of Northern Virginia Candidate Forum and members of the disabled community to fundraise with an accused domestic abuser. Virginia’s next governor needs to put people before money, and that’s what Glenn Youngkin will do. He will respect all Virginians and unite them around a vision for the future where Virginia is the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Arthur “Lee” Talley, a Virginia father said, “As an advocate for both my son and Virginia’s disabled community, I was horrified that Terry McAuliffe would leave us high and dry in order to fundraise with someone accused of domestic abuse. That decision was disrespectful, reprehensible, and shows bad judgment not at all fitting of someone who wants to be governor. He added, “Last night clearly showed that a vote for McAuliffe would be dangerous for any family with a loved one with special needs. A vote for him represents a continued status quo of a system not working for our families and a worsening of services for families in Virginia.”

Yesterday,it was reported that McAuliffe was in Las Vegas, Nevada, to fundraise with Steve Sisolak, whose ex-wife alleged that Sisolak treated her “like a prisoner” and bruised her neck during a physical altercation. She provided photos as evidence.